Government can best cultivate our free market economy through stability and wise investment in public goods. Our private sector is dynamic, but our country is behind at providing safe and efficient infrastructure. In 2021 Congress finally passed an infrastructure bill: we must continue the momentum. Improving health care access will also allow workers and employers to be productive.


The Biden administration is focused on expanding health care access by building on the Affordable Care Act, connecting Americans with private sector health insurance plans through the marketplace (even if there are preexisting conditions), and I support this effort. We must also keep faith with the elderly and needy through Medicare and Medicaid. I am in favor of Georgia accepting federal funds for Medicaid; refusal to do so is a Republican stunt that hurts our people for purely partisan politics.


Our major political parties can differ on policies and compete actively for voters but on January 6, 2021 a group of supporters of the former President crossed a line. The attempt to violently overthrow the results of a legitimate US Presidential election has implications not only for who would be President in the following four years, but for the very existence of the United States as a democracy. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. For any politician to support the insurrection is incompatible with an oath of office to support and defend the Constitution.

National security

The US has the strongest security forces in the world, and we must keep it that way. We owe gratitude to those who serve in the armed forces, and even more importantly, we owe them the support to achieve their mission. Putting the lives of our service members at risk must always remain the last option, when security needs are compelling and the mission clear. American diplomacy and international development also serve our national security by solving problems, strengthening alliances, and reducing global risks.


There is no room in the bedroom or OBGYN office for government regulators--let alone investigators. I'm against criminalizing reproductive health care.