Kiwanis host forum for Democratic congressional candidates

May 2, 2022

White, a consultant in international development, said he believed top-down approaches to education from previous presidential administrations had created new issues. Instead, he said more focus should be on empowering teachers to use their existing skills and returning respect to teachers.

“They learn so much in their training about learning styles, individual personality, individual developmental rates of students, but then they’re placed in a situation that, because they have to teach to the test, it’s factory,” White said. “My kids are in college now; I just went through this with my kids. There is tremendous pressure for the kids to meet expectations, one-size-fits-all at each age up coming up. It’s not where we need to be.”

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Candidates meet voters at Cagle Farm

April 2, 2022
Shannon Ballew

"Of the nine Republicans and two Democrats running for the seat held by Rep. Lucy McBath, Republicans Byron Gatewood, Paulette Smith, Mallory Staples and Eugene Yu and Democrat Wayne White met voters and answered questions from the audience Thursday." "White said he would prioritize improving access to healthcare, and would respond to constituents’ needs as they came up. He said he would also work on infrastructure programs.... 'Our growth is already outstripping our infrastructure. There’s a lot more that’s going to be needed in the modern economy,' he said."

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